Gemstones and Materials

Most of our jewellery is solid Sterling silver though we produce items in gold, platinum and other precious metals.  Some of our customers love interesting materials and we make items from solid ruby, sapphire and emerald and from Damascus steel, mokume gane, titanium, carbon fibre, kevlar and ballistic ceramic.


We complement our jewellery with a range of precious and semi-precious gemstones and natural materials, including blue, black and pink sapphire, ruby, emerald, aquamarine, morganite, amethyst, tanzanite, topaz, abalone, pearl, turquoise, white, black and pink opal, peridot and olivine and many other stones.  The reason we offer such a wide range of materials is that our customers often want one of our designs in a particular colour, with a particular birthstone or have a favourite gemstone.  We cut and polish most of our stone ourselves and love the materials we use.


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